Disneyland Just Started Selling a New Campfire-Inspired Dessert

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Disneyland just released a new sweet treat and we already want s'more. At Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express in the Downtown Disney District, you can now get yourself the S'mores Glazed Beignets. We think Princess Tiana would approve.


Video of the Day

Per a TikTok video posted by @wondersofmagic, the summertime delight features chocolate glazed beignets with a honey graham cracker crust and marshmallow dipping sauce. A beignet and a s'more combined? Genius. You can also get four of these beignets for $13.99, making them a great treat to share with loved ones and friends when spending a day at the theme park.


When it comes to the taste of these s'more beignets, @wondersofmagic gives them a 10/10. A commenter echos this rating, stating that they are "SO good." Okay, we're sold.


What other types of beignets can you get at Disneyland?

In addition to s'more beignets, Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express also sells The Original New Orleans Beignets. These are your classic French-inspired donuts dusted with powdered sugar. The best part? They're made fresh throughout the day.

If you're looking for beignets that scream Disney, you'll want to head over to the Mint Julep Bar located in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. There, you will find Mickey-shaped beignets topped with powdered sugar. A perfect Instagram photo opportunity.


Can you make s'more beignets at home?

Though they might not taste exactly the same, you could definitely recreate the Disneyland s'more beignets at home. Simply make beignets (this recipe by Grandbaby Cakes is golden, literally) and dip them in a chocolate glaze. For the latter, try this glaze recipe by The Spruce Eats. Then, while the glaze is still tacky, roll the beignets in crushed-up honey graham crackers.

Once you're done, you can dip the beignets in Marshmallow Fluff or make your own marshmallow dip at home.

h/t: Totally The Bomb