Costco Made a Hit-or-Miss Change to Its Food Court

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When it comes to the delicious nostalgia of a Costco food court, we can't get enough. This is especially the case when the retailer unveils a new item or changes a fan-favorite treat on the menu. And yes, the same goes for Costco's food court condiments and toppings, which brings us to the news that the brand has made a change in this area of the store.


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According to Reddit user @breathfromanother, a Costco in California has debuted a new touchless condiment dispenser for ketchup, mustard, and relish. In order to use the device, you simply need to place your food item or dipping cup under the spout, hold your hand over the sensor designated for the condiment you'd like, and then remove your hand when you're satisfied with the amount.

In a comment, another user reveals that Costcos in Portland have already tried the touchless dispensers ... and that they were not a success. As you can see in the above photo, the new dispenser is creating a bit of a mess, either because the spout releases too much product or because customers are having trouble using the feature.


While we love the idea of a touchless condiment dispenser at Costco, we're hoping that the retailer works out the kinks so that no product is wasted in the process.

What else is new at Costco?

Costco is currently hosting its Member-Only Savings event and because of that, the brand is limiting purchases on certain items. You can read more about exactly which items have limits here.


In other news, though Costco is temporarily discontinuing its Kirkland peanut butter, the retailer is bringing back its Kirkland canned cold brew. Plus, in addition to its cold brew, the tasty strawberry-topped cheesecake has also returned to Costco warehouses for the summer. To ensure that your local store has these items in stock, you can call to check for item availability.

Now, for the bad news: Costco might be increasing its membership prices within the next year, so you'll want to stock up on all your favorites ASAP. For more information about why this price increase might occur, click here.

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