This Surprising Stat Proves Summer 2021 Kinda Sucked

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It seems like it was just yesterday that it was 2020, the end of the year when the pandemic took hold in the U.S., and we were all dreaming about summer 2021. "This coming summer will make up for everything we've been through," we said with hope in our hearts. However, it would seem that definitely wasn't the case for many — especially since the pandemic is nowhere near over.


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Following a survey featuring 1,500 Americans, outdoor stay provider Hipcamp discovered that many U.S. residents would ​not​ want to relive this past summer. Specifically, 27% of Americans would prefer to have a root canal and 37% would rather move back in with their parents (which definitely isn't a bad thing, especially considering that many young adults actually did move back in with their folks during the pandemic).


To hit home that the 2021 season was a major letdown, 80% of participants agreed that, "Summer was terrible — we should all get a two-week do-over." In fact, 48% of Americans felt that extending summer should be a high priority for the U.S. government, ranking above designating a new national park (19%), hosting the next Olympics (12.73%), and constructing a new national monument (6.87%).


If they were given an extra two weeks of summer vacation, 76.61% of respondents revealed that they would be somewhat, very, or absolutely likely to book a vacation or camping trip. On the other side of the coin, 23.4% of U.S. residents would be unlikely to follow suit.

Which states had the worst summer 2021?

According to Hipcamp's survey, these are the five U.S. states that most wanted a summer do-over: South Carolina (95%), Kentucky (91%), Indiana (90%), Missouri (90%), and Oklahoma (90%). As for larger states, they didn't experience better results — Texans (85%), Californians (83%), and New Yorkers (81%) would also be happy with another chance at summer 2021.

Here's hoping that this fall makes up for the summer.


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