This Travel-Friendly Tool Will Make Hotel and Airbnb Doors More Secure

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These days, the term "safety" often refers to staying safe during the global pandemic. But what about staying safe in terms of intruders, whether you're at home, a hotel, or an Airbnb? You can never be too careful, after all.


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Enter the Viientra Door Lock, a $20 portable tool created by Viientra Safety. The product is designed to increase the security mechanism of a door, making it harder for someone to break it down. In fact, even if they have the key, the lock prevents them from opening the door.

The tool is made of two parts: a flat metal piece with two holes and a red plastic triangle with a metal peg that slides back and forth. The two components are connected by a chain. One of the holes in the flat metal piece is square, which has tabs that fit snugly into the square opening of the strike plate (aka the metal plate in the door frame).


After you insert the metal piece into the strike plate, you close the door and slide the peg on the red plastic triangle. Then, you insert said peg into a second smaller hole in the metal piece, which secures everything together.

Understandably, the mechanism can be difficult to visualize, so be sure to watch the company's TikTok video. Once you see the lock in action, its design will make a lot more sense. Moreover, according to a product review, the lock "takes up little space and performs its function very well." The company also notes that the tool is lightweight, so it's especially useful for traveling.


However, as mentioned earlier, staying safe isn't limited to traveling. The lock can add another level of safety to your home, especially if you live alone or have a back door you don't really use. The same goes if you live with other people and want to ensure your bedroom door stays shut as you sleep.

Other ways to make your door safer:

For a cheaper way to reinforce your door, try this easy TikTok hack for a stronger front door. Simply remove the screws in the strike plate of your door, then install longer screws, about 2.5 to three inches long. Since the longer screws run deeper into the door frame, they'll reinforce the lock and make the door more difficult to break down.

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