This Hack for Baking Chicken Drumsticks Is Sheer Genius

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Calling all home chefs! Thanks to the brilliant users of TikTok, we have yet another clever cooking hack to add to our repertoire. The trick, shared by user @rajmin2025, lets you evenly bake chicken drumsticks using a wire rack — but not in the way you might think.


Video of the Day

In a popular TikTok video, @rajmin2025 uses the wire rack from the oven. They insert the bony ends of seasoned chicken drumsticks into the spaces of the rack, allowing the drumsticks to hang vertically. This is a smart alternative to baking the drumsticks horizontally, which makes it so that you need to flip the chicken in order to cook it evenly.


What's more, as the drumsticks bake, the juices drip onto a sheet of potatoes and carrots underneath, adding serious flavor and moisture to the veggies. But, of course, you don't have to use potatoes and carrots. Other vegetables like Brussels sprouts and onions would be just as delicious.

For the most part, the video's commenters were pretty amazed. One TikTok user said, "Excuse me! How are you going to change my life like this!" There were also people concerned about cross-contamination, but remember, this method is no different than baking chicken and veggies in the same pan. So long as your dish is cooked at the right temperature and time, bacterial contamination shouldn't be an issue.


And naturally, as with most hacks, there are a few caveats to consider. Drumsticks vary in size, so there's a chance your drumsticks might be too big for a wire rack. Likewise, if they're too small, they might slip out. In this case, you can use baking twine (or wrap the ends with aluminum foil) to keep them in place.

You'll also want to make sure that your wire rack is clean before trying this hack. Check out our favorite two-ingredient cleaner, along with this oven door hack that will make cleaning your kitchen so much easier.

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