This Indoor Disney Ride With the Lights on Is Freaking People Out

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There's no shortage of thrilling rides at Disney World. One example is the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, an exhilarating attraction featuring the tunes of Aerosmith. The indoor roller coaster is also known for its epic lighting, as it takes places in the dark. But have you ever thought how the ride would look with the lights ​on​?


Video of the Day

This might not sound like a big deal, but it could make you look at roller coasters in a totally new light (pun intended). This is precisely what happened for TikTokers who viewed a recent video by @everythingdisney133, a popular TikTok Disney account.

The footage shows the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster ride with the lights on. The lack of darkness reveals the ride's twisting tracks, which are shockingly close to each other. As one commenter notes, "It's unsettling how low the metal bars/tracks are and how everything is tightly packed." Another user said, "Never realized how close you are to support beams and stuff."


When you think about it, the design makes a lot of sense. In an indoor setting, a roller coaster needs to fit within a limited amount of space, so the ride needs to be built in a way that makes the most of what's available.

Still, it's definitely weird to see the inner workings of an enclosed roller coaster. It makes us think about ​all​ the dark indoor rides we've been on, and what they actually look like with the lights on.


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