Your Local IKEA Might Soon Look Completely Different

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Image Credit: Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images News/GettyImages

If there's one thing we can count on, it's the labyrinth that is the layout of our local IKEA. However, that might change one day in the near future. According to ​The Guardian​, the Swedish furniture chain is considering a store plan that would allow customers to have a more interactive experience.


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What exactly does more interactive in-store IKEA shopping look like? In addition to being able to lounge around different spaces and fully experience the retailer's furniture, visitors can also partake in various activities. This ranges from hanging out with social media influencers to taking part in events involving household repairs, light therapy, and plants.

Where can you see the new IKEA layout?

This fresh IKEA store concept is known as the Home of Tomorrow, and it has already been trialled in Szczecin, Poland. The idea will soon be tested in Shanghai, China, and, later this year, it will appear in London and Vienna. There's no word yet on if or when the Home of Tomorrow will make it to America, but odds are that if it's a success in Europe, it will likely spread to IKEAs across the globe.

"The Home of Tomorrow is a place where you will see how to make your home live with full respect for nature," reads IKEA's description of the store design. "You will learn about the new role of houseplants. You will find new, efficient ways to process waste. You will regenerate yourself with light and try the zero-waste cuisine. You can even work towards a real change in your city."

Clearly, sustainability is key to the new IKEA shop concept. However, what's not clear is what exactly the new layout will look like — especially if it becomes the brand's norm. Will the guided paths in IKEA be done away with? Or, will they simply be transformed to better match the Home of Tomorrow? Only time will tell.