This Abandoned 1970s Mansion Is Frozen in Time

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If you're a fan of all things retro and/or abandoned, you're going to swoon over this deserted 1970s mansion shared by urban explorer and YouTuber Freaktography. The massive home is located in Ontario, Canada, and it's basically untouched.


Video of the Day

The video tour starts with an enormous indoor pool, complete with stone walls and a wood paneled ceiling. Freaktography brings us up a mini spiral staircase, which leads to a cobweb-ridden sunroom.

In order to get to the main part of the house from the pool, you need to walk through the basement. Here, you'll see that there's a well, a mini kitchen, and expansive storage rooms, complete with groovy shelving.

On the main floor, one of the first things you'll notice is the abundance of windows. There are multiple large, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living area. Can you imagine the natural light in this space?

In the kitchen, there's a perfectly vintage Frigidaire oven. According to Freaktography, that particular model was super expensive and rare back then, which seems to suit the posh mansion.

Meanwhile, one of the bedrooms on the main floor has a shag carpet, along with wooden built-in dressers and more wood paneled walls.


As for the nearby bathroom? It features mirror-lined walls and a large baby pink bathtub, in true '70s fashion.

The first staircase, which is lined with what looks like marble, leads to a main living room. Here, there's a giant patio door and a window that looks out over the pool. It also leads to the front door, which features glass engraved with retro diamonds.

From there, Freaktography leads us up another staircase, this time lined with more wood paneled walls. Here, one bedroom features green-yellow carpet, along with matching plaid curtains.

Two of the bedrooms upstairs are connected by an outdoor balcony, which looks over a garden, birdhouse, and fountain.

According to Freaktography, the fate of the mod mansion is unknown. We can only imagine what the house would look like with a little (okay, a lot) of TLC.


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