What This Person Found in Their Washer Will Scar You for Life

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Leave it to TikTok to make us realize that we haven't been cleaning a certain part of our homes. Specifically, if you have a top-loading washer with an agitator, you might want to clean it out ASAP.


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The agitator is the tall spindle in the center of your washer, which has a hole in the center for fabric softener. When your clothes are being washed, the agitator distributes the softener while moving your clothes around so they get fully cleaned in the detergent water.

Over time, the inside of your agitator can become filled with buildup from your laundry products and messy clothes. This can make your washer less effective in the long run, and that's exactly what happened to TikTok user @cleaningforselfcare, who also received their washer secondhand from a friend.

First, @cleaningforselfcare tried to clean their agitator by placing a water bottle in it and pushing the water through. That, unfortunately, did not work. Next, they tried to get the agitator off, but weren't able to. To loosen this part of the washer, they poured boiling water down the agitator and, finally, were able to get it off with a butter knife. Warning: What you'll see next is scarring.

In a bowl filled with diluted bleach, @cleaningforselfcare soaked the top of the agitator while tackling the inside. Using what looks like the end of a cooking spoon, they then scooped out the gunk from inside the agitator, sprayed it with bleach, got rid of the buildup, and then worked on getting even more out with a butter knife. With a small scrubber and bleach, the user worked to get this part back to its white color.

To ensure that all the gunk was out, @cleaningforselfcare poured more boiling water through the agitator and put the washer on a rinse cycle.

While the rinse cycle was going, @cleaningforselfcare worked on the top of the agitator. They scrubbed the bottom with dish soap, but soon realized that there was an entire layer of gunk inside the top. To get this out, they had to use their hands (with gloves on!), a straw cleaner, and more dish soap.


Once the top was rinsed out, there was even more to do with the actual washer itself. The leftover gunk had to be scooped out of the washer, which then had to be scrubbed with cleaner once the top was back on. Lastly, @cleaningforselfcare did another rinse cycle with bleach and an Affresh washing machine cleaner tablet.

If this saga doesn't inspire you to clean your washer, we honestly don't know what will.

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