Etsy's New Creator Collaboration Is Bold and Stylish

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Not sure how to re-energize your space? Tired of your usual decor? Thankfully, Etsy always has plenty of swoon-worthy items to offer — and its latest creator collaboration is no exception.


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DJ, fashionista, and trans rights activist Honey Dijon teamed up with the site to create an exclusive collection that's bold and stylish.

"I love galleries, I love art, and one of my favourite places is the gift shop at the end of an exhibition or museum," Honey Dijon said in a statement. "This Etsy collaboration is my homage to that experience, touching on queer culture from my favourite era's, the 70's, 80's and 90's."

Honey Dijon teamed up with 10 Etsy makers to bring the eye-catching collection to life. You can find everything from smaller items, like a bright deck of playing cards, to statement pieces, like a gorgeous fluted mirror.

Check out some of our top picks below and shop the full collection here.

1. Aerangis Honey Dijon Creator Collab No. 303 Embrace Scented Candle, $78

2. Hannah Simpson Studio Honey Dijon Creator Collab Evomo Vase, $180.64

3. Yeux Studios Honey Dijon Creator Collab - Love Thy Afro Incense Holder, $72.25

4. Mathewdb Honey Dijon Creator Collab Playing Cards, $20.84


5. Wren and Cooper Honey Dijon Creator Collab Fluted Mirror, $650