This Popular Chocolate Dessert Is On Sale at Costco

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Considering Costco is already home to so many deals, it feels like an extra treat when the store puts something on sale. It might even cause just as much buzz as new product releases and restocks. And speaking of treats, one of Costco's most recent markdowns involves just that. Delici Belgian chocolate mousse cups, originally $8.99, are now on sale for $6.49 at Costco.


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According to an Instagram post by @costcobuys, the sale runs until Sunday, August 29. And while a markdown of $2.50 might not seem like much, think of it this way: At the original price, the cups came out to $1.50 each. So, with a savings of $2.50, you're basically getting (almost) two cups for free. Who can say no to free chocolate?

If you're planning a gathering, or if you simply love chocolate, these cups would be perfect for cutting down or prep time. Each cup features chocolate mousse whipped with cream and cookie crumbles. What's more, each dessert comes in a glass container, so you can wash and reuse them for other purposes.


The mousse cups are also, unsurprisingly, very rich. Many of the commenters on @costcobuy's Instagram post loved the richness and flavor, while others thought they tasted like alcohol. Of course, everyone's taste buds are different — but for $6.49, it's certainly worth a shot!

Other Delici desserts at Costco:

Delici is a dessert company based in Belgium. Currently, Delici products aren't listed on Costco's website, but people have been posting about their treats for quite some time.


For example, Costco has sold the following Delici products in the past:

Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what type of Delici desserts have been sold at Costco. You can be sure we'll be keeping our eyes peeled!