These Unexpected U.S. Cities Are the Best Places for Working Remotely

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Between the global pandemic and rise of workplace technology, it's no secret that remote work is here to stay. In fact, it's estimated that 36.2 million Americans will be remote by 2025, according to data from Upwork. But, as you can imagine, some cities and states are generally better for remote work. Any guesses? The answers might surprise you.


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According to a recent report by Higher Visibility, a digital marketing agency, the best small city for remote work is St. Petersburg, Florida. (In this case, "small" city is defined by a population of less than one million.) After St. Petersburg, runners-up include Las Vegas, Miami, Indianapolis, and Columbus, in that order.

As for big cities, or areas with a population of more than one million? Higher Visibility determined that the best place for remote work is Houston, Texas — followed by San Antonio, Dallas, Chicago, and San Diego, in that order.


With a total of six cities and towns in the report's "top 30" list, Texas was dubbed as the best overall state to work remotely. Apparently, the Lone Star state is the place to be if you're living the WFH life. Who knew?

How did Higher Visibility get their results?

To determine which cities and towns are best for remote work, Higher Visibility examined eight factors that directly affect remote work. This includes the following:


  • WiFi hotspots
  • Average broadband speed
  • Average monthly rent
  • Cost of houses
  • Number of coffee shops
  • Number of green spaces
  • Size
  • Happiness index

From there, the agency developed a scoring system to rank U.S. cities based on these factors. We're curious to see if these results will change over time, especially as remote work continues to become more common.


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