What the Crystal on Meghan Markle's Desk Means

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In Meghan Markle's 40th birthday video — in which she announces her 40x40 initiative to encourage everyone to give 40 minutes of service — we couldn't help but pay close attention to everything in her office. Aside from her statement desk, stone fireplace, and popular houseplant, there was one item on Markle's desk that caught our eye: her crystal.


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On her desk, Markle has a hefty, unpolished white quartz crystal. Also known as milky quartz or snow quartz, Natural Healing Gems states that this variety of quartz "has the same benefits of clear quartz." It is meant to help with healing, concentration, communication, mind stimulation, and memory recall. Milky quartz can be used to bring balance to your entire being.


"[The] milky quartz stone activates the crown chakra, and facilitates the connection with the inner self," Minerals Kingdom explains. "Wearing it or having it in your living places is supposed to dissipate negative emotions and thoughts."


It's interesting to note that Markle's milky quartz is on an outside corner of her desk, in a place where it would form a boundary between herself and guests. Perhaps it even faces a door, to protect Markle's inner self and positivity from anyone who might walk in.

What other decor items does Markle have in her office?

On her desk, you'll find a gold vase with flowers, a stack of books being used as a laptop stand, a glass water pitcher and cup, photos of her children, and a tray of tea and biscuits. Both her teacup and plate are from Burleigh's black regal peacock line at Harrods. The teacup is currently sold out, but you can get a mug in the same pattern for $30.

If anyone knows how to curate a chic, yet serene, office space, it's Markle. After watching her video, we might have to find a milky quartz crystal of our own. No, thank you, bad vibes!