IKEA Just Shared 13 Ways to Hack Its Own Products

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In recent years, eco-conscious living has become top of mind for consumers and brands alike. So much so that major retailers are making moves to become more sustainable. IKEA, aka the land of home goods and Swedish meatballs, is the perfect example. The brand's Canadian division recently released ​Repurposeful Instructions​, a collection of hacks for upcycling its own products.


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The projects are sorted by difficulty — beginner, intermediate, and advanced — so there's something for every DIY level. One example of a beginner project is a book holder, which is made with an Osbit Plate Holder. In the advanced section, there's a birdhouse made with two Blanda Matt Serving Bowls, which we're totally loving.


Of course, there's also a project featuring the iconic blue IKEA bag. This one is a hanging garden, which would be right at home with your other upcycled IKEA bag projects.

The goal of ​Repurposeful Instructions​ is simple, straightforward, and supremely awesome. According to the IKEA Canada website, "With the launch of ​Repurposeful Instructions​, IKEA wants to help breathe new life into old furniture that might otherwise end up in the landfill."


To learn more about the campaign, check out this YouTube video by IKEA Canada. You can also access all the projects (for free) on the IKEA Canada website.

Other ways to repurpose IKEA products:

Thanks to the simplicity and affordability of IKEA products, you can't go wrong with upcycling the brand's items. An IKEA basket, for example, can be transformed into a chic boho hanging light pendant. It can also be turned into a side table flipping by it upside down and attaching a round cutting board to the flat side.

And that's just scratching the surface. For more ideas, check out our list of favorite IKEA hacks on TikTok.