We Tried P.F. Candle Co.'s New Hand and Body Washes

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During the lockdowns of 2020, new hobbies became all the rage. Some people baked sourdough, while others took up knitting. As for me? I collected candles.


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Scent is a powerful thing — it's very closely linked to memory, meaning the tiniest whiff of a nostalgic aroma is enough to trigger déjà vu. While I was stuck in my one-bedroom apartment in New York, I used candles as my sensory escape, using fragrance to transport me to another place, whether that was a physical destination or a mental space.

That's why I was thrilled to find out that P. F. Candle Co. has branched out into hand and body wash, introducing its line of fragrances into a new medium — one that's a little easier to use than candles!

"We may not always have the time to fully slow down and light a candle, but we can build that same intention into fleeting moments throughout our day to help us feel uplifted, calm, inspired, and cared for," writes P. F. Candle Co. about its new line.

Packaged in recyclable glass bottles, the hand and body wash comes in four of the brand's fragrances. The woody Teakwood & Tobacco recalls entering a leather store in Texas; the earthy Amber & Moss takes you on a hike through a misty forest; the classic Swell has you jumping into the ocean on a hot day; and the floral Golden Hour captures a mellow breeze drifting over a wildflower field.

Using the product to wash my hands, I found that the scent is potent, but not overly so — Teakwood & Tobacco and Amber & Moss are definitely more robust than Swell and Golden Hour. All four lingered lightly on my hands after washing. But the formula, which is made from Castile-based soap and is vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, is also well-balanced in terms of lather and rinsing; the soap didn't leave behind any oily residue on my hands.

As P. F. Candle Co. said, these hand and body washes are a super-easy way to bring a little self-care into your everyday routine without even thinking about it! They retail for $15 each, and you can purchase them here.