This TikTok Pasta Recipe Is Unexpected But Easy

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After pasta chips started to go viral, we wondered what other wacky recipes the TikTok universe might reveal. And there's one trend that's still under the radar but piquing our interest: the pasta skewer.


Video of the Day

TikTok user @heartbeatfood shows us how it's done, grabbing some pasta and stacking it on a skewer before brushing the surface with sauce. Then, it's all about the toppings: cheese, olives, tomatoes, and onions. We're pretty sure you could add anything your heart desires. That's all it takes and you've got a pasta skewer to, um, enjoy at the next get-together. No fork needed (we think?).


Food brand Beano's uses a similar approach for its antipasto skewers. This recipe uses tomatoes, roasted pepper, tortellini, olives, provolone, artichoke, and prosciutto for the perfect bite.

Why use a bowl or a cheese board when you could use a skewer?

There's basically nothing you can't do with pasta.

h/t Delish