Zillow x Behr Pinpoint the Best Hues for a Higher Home Value

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If you're thinking of selling your house sometime soon, congrats! Many reports show that it's a seller's market, which means you'll likely do well. But if you're looking to pocket a bit of extra change there's one easy thing you can do to boost your home's perceived value: paint it a certain color.


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According to a survey of prospective home buyers by real estate company Zillow, painting certain rooms in your house specific hues could raise the perceived value of your property — up to nearly $5,000. In addition, a survey of real estate agents revealed similar results.

Based on this data, paint company Behr has developed a special palette designed to maximize your home's perceived value. Find out which paint colors will bring in the most cash for each room in your house below.


Living Room: Gray

Gray doesn't have to be drab — there are so many subtle variations in the paint color that can have a big impact on a room. Alternative options that still increase perceived value include light green, white, light yellow, and dark gray. (That is, neutrals!) But stay away from pink, bright green, and bright yellow, all of which could lower prospective buyers' interest.


Kitchen: White

Keep it light and airy in your kitchen with white paint. "On average, a neutral light color greatly increases interest in touring a property. It also ups the likelihood of a potential buyer purchasing the home," said Zillow in the report.


While other soft colors like light yellow, off-white and gray are solid alternatives, so are dark red, dark green, and dark gray. Turns out moody hues entice buyers, too. As for no-gos, avoid bold colors like bright green, pink, bright yellow, and bright red.

Bedroom: Dark Blue

Serenity is the name of the game with bedrooms, and dark blue is the paint color to help you achieve it. But other blues work out well, too — some of the top color picks by prospective homebuyers include light blue, white, bright blue, and dark gray. While you can be a little bolder with blue, don't play with bright yellow, bright green, or pink.


Bathroom: Light Blue

Create a spa-like vibe with a soothing light blue paint in your bathroom — the hue received the highest marks from survey participants. Also up top are gray, dark gray, light yellow, and off-white, while on the bottom are the usual suspects: bright yellow, bright green, pink, and bright red.