This Sam's Club Hack Will Get You a Beautiful Wedding Cake for Cheap

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Weddings can be expensive and overwhelming to plan. However, finding more affordable alternatives that are easier to source can help take down the cost and ease your stress. For instance, TikTok user @laurafragosohiller just shared a wedding cake hack that is a game-changer for couples on a budget.


According to @laurafragosohiller, friends advised her to check out Sam's Club's cakes when she was planning her wedding. That's because the retailer offers a three-tier cake that feeds around 75 people for less than $70. It can be ordered in white or chocolate, and can even be customized if you'd prefer it that way.

However, when you're ordering the cake, @laurafragosohiller recommends requesting that there are no decorations on it. Simply ask for a three-tier iced cake and once you get it, decorate the dessert with fresh flowers from your local grocery store. What you'll end up with is a stunning floral wedding cake that won't cost nearly as much as a custom cake ordered from a local bakery.

In the comments of @laurafragosohiller's, Sam's Club even confirmed that this wedding hack is 100% true.

What if you need to feed more than 75 people?

If you end up needing to feed more than 75 people at your wedding, @laurafragosohiller advises that you buy a separate sheet cake. Use the three-tier cake for display purposes and once you run out of that, start serving sheet cake pieces. You could also supplement the display cake with cupcakes, pies, or anything else you think your guests would love.

How else can you decorate the cake?

If fresh flowers aren't your vibe, there are many other ways you can decorate a plain cake at home. You can cover it in edible pearls or confetti-like sprinkles. Edible glitter is another great, easy DIY option. Plus, you could even use fresh fruit or chocolate decorations to give your wedding cake a little something extra.

In addition to making your wedding more affordable, this hack also gives you an excuse to make special memories when adding DIY elements to your cake.


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