There's Another New Plant-Based Milk for You to Try

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Another year, another plant-based milk ... or so it seems. And, if we're being honest, we love it! With so many plant-based milks to choose from, there's something for everyone (and every purpose) nowadays. Yet, as most "mylks" are made of nuts and grains, it seems like manufacturers are starting to dabble into the milky potential of other foods — like potatoes.


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Yes, you read that right. Potato milk now exists, thanks to the masterminds of the plant-based community. According to an article by The Guardian, a Swedish brand called Dug recently released potato milk, which is said to wonderfully milky and white. It's made by heating potatoes and then combining them with water, rapeseed oil, pea protein, and other ingredients. Dug currently offers three versions: original, unsweetened, and barista, which is extra creamy.

Potato milk is also extremely sustainable. In fact, it's even more sustainable than oat milk, which is known for its low environmental footprint. ​The Guardian​ notes that, compared to oats, the same amount of potatoes need approximately half the land to grow.

Curious? Us too. Don't be so quick to look for potato milk at the supermarket, though. Dug's online shop currently only ships to the United Kingdom. Their products are also available in Sweden and China, and soon, other parts of Europe. Let's hope the brand will find its way to the States, or at the very least, inspire other manufacturers to make their own versions.

How to make potato milk:

Until potato milk is available in the United States, you can try making it at home. This potato milk recipe by Go Dairy Free is super simple and requires just six basic ingredients. All you need to do is boil a peeled potato, blend it with warm water and other flavorings (like vanilla extract), then strain through a cheesecloth. Cheers!


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