Here's How People Around the World Actually Feel About WFH

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As news around the pandemic remains largely unpredictable, it seems the importance of a home office isn't going anywhere any time soon. In fact, a Zillow survey released earlier this year found that 95% of economists and real estate experts surveyed saw an "increased preference to work remotely at least part-time" as "a permanent shift."


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But when you ask the workforce currently doing their jobs from home, the answers might differ. Market research company Ipsos revealed just how uncertain things are in a new survey. The company gathered responses from around 12,500 adults employed in 29 countries through an online survey (which was live from May 21 to June 4).

For starters, the survey found that workers prefer a flexible policy when it comes to returning the office.


"When COVID restrictions are no longer in effect, employers should be more flexible in terms of requiring employees to go to an office (66%)," the report explains. In addition, 65% of respondents said that they feel more productive knowing they have more options for their work schedule.

But, not surprisingly, not everyone is a fan. While we've seen some design enthusiasts excited about decorating their home office, we can attest that some of us are guilty of working from the couch. Others are getting creative by finding ways to WFO (work from outdoors) or turning an unexpected corner into their working space. It's, of course, not always the most optimal situation for all.


The survey found that 38% of respondents said "their home is a difficult place to be productive." On the other end of the spectrum, 33% said they actually "feel more burned out by work" when they work from home.

No matter the individual preference, WFH is certainly a global trend. "Overall, an average of 23% of all employed adults surveyed across the 29 countries now work from home more often than they did prior to the pandemic," the survey reports.

Time will tell just how much these attitudes will shift, but for now we're fascinated by the ways in which working outside of an office might change how we see our home space.