The Most Popular Time to Buy Holiday Decor Might Be Earlier Than You Think

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Have you found yourself arguing about the right time to put up holiday decorations? Perhaps you're a day-after-Thanksgiving person, while your co-decorator strictly adheres to a two-weeks-before-Christmas rule.


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Well, we asked the pros, and the reality is that there's no right time to put up holiday decor — timing is all about preference and how long you're willing to add copious amounts of string lights to your electric bill.

But while there might not be a right answer, we can look towards retailers to give us an idea of when others might be starting their decorating.

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"One of the busiest times of the year for shoppers purchasing holiday decor tends to be mid-to-late October," says Kristin McGrath, a shopping expert from RetailMeNot. "[This is] when holiday decor hits the shelves [and] shoppers are eager to get their homes prepped for the holiday season."

And though October shopping might indicate a shockingly early decorating timeline, McGrath points out that the other big spike happens later into the fall season.

"Stores often see another spike right after the Thanksgiving holiday, as the holiday rush is on with people getting their homes ready for the December holiday season," says McGrath. "Stores often also offer Black Friday deals on select holiday decor, which is another factor driving the Thanksgiving weekend rush."

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So, we know people are buying before December, but when are they decorating? According to a survey conducted by YouGov asking 2,126 U.S. adults when they planned to start decorating for the holidays, 8% indicated they would decorate before Thanksgiving, 33% said right after, 17% said early December, and 7% said late December (with the rest answering that they don't decorate).

So, though there is no right time to decorate, it appears there is a popular time to do so: That sweet spot between Thanksgiving and the second week of December — if you can wait that long. Get inspired by a few of our favorite decorating guides below.


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