This Is the Best Time to Buy Decor for the Holidays

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There are last-minute holiday decorators — the "I didn't realize it was December until the neighbors put Christmas lights up" people — and then there are those who treat holiday decor like a sport. These are the homes filled with garland, yards decked out with blowups and lights, and more trees than you realized the home had rooms.


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But no matter where you fall on the holiday-decorator spectrum, you deserve a deal — because no one should pay full price for decor that isn't practical year-round. fFinding the best deals on holiday decor is all about timing. We spoke with the experts to help you determine when to start your hunt for the perfect holiday piece.

"If you're looking to save money, the best time [to] buy [holiday] table decor (or any other decor) is right after Christmas and in January and February," said Brenda Raftlova, shopping expert at "Halloween and Christmas are two major commercial holidays that often offer the biggest decor discounts [because] they are two of the biggest holidays (in the U.S.) associated with additional decor, costumes, lights, and party favors."

Because of this, post-holiday is when most stores discount that past season's decor. According to Raftlova, "That's when retailers offer big savings of up to 90%."

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While this might mean serious planning ahead, it gives shoppers the opportunity to score staples at a fraction of their pre-holiday cost. And while you might not want to store a blow-up, Santa-hat-wearing Minion for an entire year, this is the perfect time to get pieces you know you'll want the next holiday season, and ideally continue to reuse.

Look for holiday staples during this time — things like garland, lights, centerpieces, candleholders, and plates and napkins — that don't run the risk of going "out" of style within the next 10+ months. Reflecting on past trends that still hold up, or decor that matches your personal style is a great way to start your search.


When determining where to shop, Raftlova recommends retail giants like "Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Amazon, and Overstock." Places that stock holiday decor in large quantities are more likely to have overstock they need to sell (i.e. great sales) as opposed to smaller companies carrying more limited quantities.

While the consensus is to shop for your holiday decor post-holidays, Raftlova does recommend shopping the trendier pieces – those you must have or that you believe will go quick — before the holidays. "If… you're looking to shop the newest holiday decor trends, then I suggest you hit the stores a month or two before the holiday," recommends Raftlova. (Ahem, that would be now.)

To help you score a great deal ahead of the holidays, we scoured the web for a few timeless decor items that also happen to be on sale.

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1. Black And Ivory Buffalo Check Table Runner, $12.48 $11.23

2. Beachcrest Home Metal Lantern, $95.99 $82.99

3. Pottery Barn Kids Hanukkah Dreidel Countdown Calendar, $59 $22.99

4. Bradly Yule Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat, $36.99 $33.99


5. Noma Snow Dusted Berry and Pinecone Pre-Lit Garland, $66.99 $49.99