Costco Might Be Experiencing a Shortage on This Essential Item

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Last year, it was all too common to hear about shortages of home essentials. So much so that many of us will probably never take toilet paper for granted again. (Well, unless you've converted to the bidet life.) But even as things slowly return to normal, the country's supply chain is still experiencing issues.


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According to social media users, Costco is currently low on water. In a recent Reddit post, user @Mustang500hp shared a photo of two signs at their local Costco. One sign reads, "We are currently out of water. There is not yet an ETA for our next delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience." A second sign reads, "Water limit five cases of any brand." Both signs are posted near cases of water bottles.

The Reddit user didn't mention where this particular Costco is located. Likewise, the exact reason for the shortage is unclear, but other users (naturally) shared their two cents on the matter. One user said, "Costco gets paper and water deliveries nearly every single day to keep up with demand. It only takes one missed delivery for them to be out of stock." Another user commented saying that they were told that "one of the Kirkland water bottling plants went down."

It seems like other Costco customers have witnessed the water shortage, too. One user chimed in and said, "There was a line around my store and out the door just for water the other day. I heard a clerk say they got three trucks of water in and it was still sold out mid-day."

New Costco products to look out for:

Despite the potential water shortage, Costco is still stocking up on other new products. Some of our favorites include:

Of course, different Costco locations might carry different items. If you're interested in a specific product (including Kirkland water), be sure to call your local Costco to check on their stock before stopping by.


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