IKEA Is Now Serving Shark Buns Inspired by One of Its Toys

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Just in time for Shark Week, IKEA released a brand new shark bun food item. According to DesignTAXI, this treat was inspired by the retailer's popular Blåhaj soft toy.


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This new IKEA food is actually a bao featuring a pillowy bun exterior and a nutty sesame interior that gives off a black color. The outside bun has been colored blue and showcases shark fins, gills, a tail, eyes, and a mouth. It's one of the cutest food court items we've ever seen and as a result, you can find images of it all over Instagram.


Now, for the bad news: This item is only available in Taiwan. According to the location's IKEA website, the "sesame shark pack" contains red beans, black sesame seeds, soybean powder, salt, flour, yeast, sugar, and palm oil. In other words, this appears to be a vegan offering.

How can you make this item at home?

If you're unable to travel to an IKEA in Taiwan, you can try making this bun at home. Okonomi Kitchen has a recipe for steamed black sesame red bean buns, which look as tasty as can be. To make the final product resemble a shark, add blue food coloring to your main dough. Using extra dough, you can mold and attach the fins and tail before steaming the buns.


To create the shark's black eyes, pink mouth, and white stripe, you can set aside dough that isn't colored blue. Use pink food coloring to create some for the mouth, black coloring to form the eyes, and leave the dough plain for the white stripe. Once your bun is fully steamed, you can also use a knife to carve in slits that resemble the shark's gills.

Making this shark bun at home can even serve as a fun project for both adults and kids — especially if they love the Blåhaj soft toy.