Here's What You Need to Know About the Black Bottom Pool Trend

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From garage doors to shower tiles, black interiors have become a mainstay in home design. The trend-turned-staple is simple yet dramatic, owing to its beautifully moody vibes. But as it turns out, homeowners can't get enough of black decor these days. The color has even made its way to the bottom of pools, and now, black bottom pools are trending.


A black bottom pool is a pool with — you guessed it — a black bottom. This is achieved by coating the pool's surface with black concrete, vinyl, pool pebbles, or fiberglass. The style isn't limited to black, though. It can also be done with other stylish dark hues, like gray or dark blue.

Aside from looking bold and sophisticated, the dark surface is actually functional. According to pool manufacturer Leisure Pools, the dark bottom absorbs more heat than light-bottomed pools. As a result, the pool's water is warmer, ultimately cutting back on energy costs.

However, black-bottomed pools aren't exactly new. The design element has been used for several decades, according to pool and spa manufacturer River Pools. Dark bottom pools have only recently become popular, which might be partly related to the rise of social media.

The only catch? Dark pools aren't ideal for all households and environments. For starters, the dark color can make the pool look deeper than it is. This can be dangerous if some parts of your pool aren't deep enough for diving.

Also, in a Houzz thread, people have noted that a dark pool makes it hard to spot animals lurking in the water. For example, one user based in Florida mentioned that alligators and snakes can end up in pools. Yikes.

Other pool bottom ideas:

If a black-bottomed pool doesn't work for your home, consider these other ideas for stylish pool bottoms:

  • Mosaic images
  • Dark green
  • Midnight blue
  • Turquoise
  • Gray
  • White and blue tiles
  • Pebbles in neutral shades

When in doubt, talk to your pool contractor. They can help you pick a pool bottom that fits with your budget and existing backyard design.


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