These Interior Paint Colors Help Homes Sell, According to Zillow

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You can't predict a lot in the real estate market, but it helps when the experts dish out their insights — whether you're searching for your first home or you are looking to sell your current one.


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Zillow recently unveiled some fascinating research that's all about color. The wrong choice of hue can turn off potential buyers, so it's important to make your paint decisions carefully. But where do you even start?

According to Zillow's new survey of around 1,300 recent or prospective U.S. home buyers, there are some very clear winners for color options. First off, it turns out sky blue paint in the bathroom was super popular; Zillow says survey participants "were willing to pay 1.6% more than expected — or $4,698 on a typical U.S. home."


In fact, blue is actually a good hue to focus on. When it comes to the bedroom, people were drawn to a dark blue — these spaces were "associated with a $1,491 sale premium." We love a good cobalt blue, so that's not entirely surprising, as dark blue hues are often trendy. And you can always fit the color into a variety of decor styles, from modern to maximalist.

What's not so appealing? Apparently, mint green kitchens — participants "would pay, on average, $1,830 less for a home" that included one.


So next time you head to your local home supplies shop, you'll be armed with new knowledge when faced with a never-ending display of color swatch choices. And if you're curious about exterior home paint insights, there's plenty of info out there for that, too (and some inspo if you're just looking to browse).

Of course, if you're painting for ​yourself​, we say listen to your heart and choose the hue that's best for you. Happy painting!


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