This Unique Bubble House Is Going for $1M

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Why be a square when it comes to luxury housing? You could be, well, ​round​ instead.


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At least that's the style of an eye-catching space known as The Bubble House, an 11-dome residence in Australia that's on the market for a little over $1 million. It's certainly not your average listing, and it was clearly created to stand out from the rest.

The unique space was designed and built by Graham Birchall, an architect with more than four decades of experience. It's one of his signature projects; he's also the founder and principal at the firm Birchall & Partners.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom gem is described as "an ode to strength, beauty, and the simplicity of the humble circle." There are three floors total, making up around 11,000 square feet. You can enjoy some down time in the library, media room, sport bars, and more.

The design also pays homage to the camera. Each dome intersects and the space includes "remote iris circular shutters."

Birchall first dreamt up this location as a thesis project more than three decades ago, so it's been in the making for quite some time. It wasn't easy to build either — Birchall worked on it primarily with the help of his father-in-law Ed Bohl and the process was extremely detail-oriented.

"Over 350,000 wire ties make up the dome structures, all of which were crafted and assembled by the pair with unique tools they invented specifically for the build," a First National Real Estate document explains.


A vertical fireplace in the space was also specifically envisioned for the space by Birchall, with the help of a local steel merchant. The exterior includes a "built-in BBQ space" and also "room to dance under the stars." We could see an event here being quite the unique soirée.

You can learn more about this fascinating listing here.