You've Probably Been Wearing Your Travel Pillow Wrong

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Whether you're traveling by car, plane, train, or boat, a neck pillow is a welcome accessory when you want to snooze while seated. Even if you don't want to catch a few Zs, this type of pillow can make you feel more comfortable when you're sitting down for long periods of time. However, you might not actually be wearing this pillow correctly.


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According to TikTok user @sidneyraz, your neck pillow isn't meant to snap in the front, causing you to lean back on the actual pillow part. Instead, @sidneyraz says that neck pillows should be snapped in the back so that the pillow will catch your head when it falls forward or leans to the side.

If you've ever fallen asleep while traveling and have suddenly woken up because your head rolls forward, then this hack makes a lot of sense. Having the bulk of the neck pillow catch your head when it inevitably rolls forward can definitely help you get less interrupted sleep.


For a pillow that will support your neck (and sleep) at all angles, you could also try the Huzi Infinity Pillow ($39.90). It was designed for all resting positions, whether your head falls forward, backward, or to the side.

What other products can help you sleep while traveling?

To ensure that you get sweet dreams while traveling, consider essential oils that promote sleep and relaxation (like lavender), an eye mask to block out unwanted light, and moisturizing body products that will prevent dry, itchy skin. For our tops picks, click here. If you're looking for ways to upgrade your flight experience, a footrest and noise-cancelling headphones will do the job.


Ultimately, when you plan to sleep while traveling, it's all about preparation. As long as you have your favorite cozy and comforting items on hand, you should be good to go.


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