Ritz Crackers Have Scalloped Edges for a Surprising Reason

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Ritz Crackers have an iconic shape, but did you know that shape has a specific use? We had no clue — until Delish shared a TikTok clip from user @therealnobody30.


In their video, @therealnobody30 reveals that Ritz Crackers have scalloped edges so that you can use them to cut large pieces of cheese. That way you will always have a piece of cheese that fits perfectly on top of your Ritz cracker.

Turns out, @therealnobody30 was correct. On its official TikTok account, Ritz posted that its crackers were indeed designed as makeshift cheese cutters so that you'll always get that perfect bite. Who knew?!

We're adding Ritz Crackers and cheese slices to our next grocery order so that we can try this fun hack for ourselves.

What other surprising food hacks are out there?

One of our favorite food hacks is another TikTok find. Thanks to @ketoincanada, we discovered that you don't need snack bag clips or rubber bands to close freezer bags filled with food. Instead, you can simply cut and tie the top of your freezer bag together. Genius.

When it comes to making perfect scrambled eggs, we learned that a sieve is essential. Using the kitchen tool, you can strain your scrambled egg mixture to prevent eggshells from getting in your batter. No one likes to find a sharp shell in the middle of a delicious bite of scrambled eggs.

Though it's less of a hack and more of a must-have item, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the air fryer cheat sheet on Amazon. It features the cook times and temperatures for foods such as vegetables, frozen foods, and chicken, so that you never have to look them up ever again. It's a time saver and modern kitchen essential wrapped up in one product.

At this point, we're basically kitchen hack collectors.


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