Costco Is Officially Getting Rid of This New Member Perk

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It goes without saying that curbside pickup was a gamechanger during the pandemic. The service, after all, makes it possible for customers to shop while keeping others safe. And though many big box retailers (like Target and Walmart) have continued to provide this offering, Costco was late to the curbside trend — and now they're calling it quits.


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A quick recap: In January of this year, Costco started testing curbside pickup services in three of its New Mexico locations. By June, there was talk of Costco potentially cancelling the customer perk. At the time, we were hoping the retailer would hold on to curbside pickup, or at least test it out in other locations.

However, in a recent Reddit post, Costco member and Reddit user @nubbles_7 was notified that Costco is officially ending the service. They posted a picture of the official Costco notice, which states that customer participation for curbside pickup has dropped each month. The letter also reads, "After careful evaluation, we have made the decision to discontinue curbside pickup effective the close of business on Saturday, July 31."


There ​is​ one perk to the cancellation, though. According to the notice, customers who tried out the curbside service will receive a $25 Costco gift card, as a token of appreciation, in early August. Awesome!

What other services does Costco offer?

Although we're bummed curbside pickup won't be a thing at Costco, there are still many perks of having a Costco membership. Examples of Costco services include:


Of course, different locations may offer different services. If you're interested in any of the perks, check with your local Costco first.


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