You Probably Didn't Know That Your Outdoor Dryer Vent Needs to Be Cleaned

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There is so much we've learned thanks to the internet — and specifically, TikTok. For instance, we just discovered that if you have a dryer in your home, you should be cleaning out its vent. This will help your dryer work better and prevent house fires.


Video of the Day

Courtesy of @valerie_hhouse on TikTok, we now know that there's a super easy way to clean out a dryer vent. To get all the lint out, she uses a dryer vent cleaning kit from Amazon.

To use the kit, simply screw the rods together and onto a drill with the included attachment. Place the cleaning brush on the end. Then, open the vent, insert the brush, and use the drill to spin the brush around inside the vent. This will prompt all the lint to come out of the vent. For more specific instructions on how to safely clean your dryer vent, click here.


When should you clean out your dryer vent?

In general, you'll want to clean your dryer vent out at least once a year. If you do a lot of laundry, two or three times a year might be better. If you notice that your dryer isn't running efficiently, that's also a sign that it's time to clean out your dryer vent.


Can you have a dryer vent indoors?

Since gas dryers emit carbon monoxide, they must be vented outside the home. The same goes for an electric dryer, which can cause moisture (aka mold), dust, and lint to accumulate inside the vent. That would explain why, in most areas, it's illegal for a dryer to be vented on the inside of the home.


By ensuring that your dryer is properly vented and regularly cleaned, this can prevent health issues and fires. Plus, maintaining your dryer will help it work to the best of its ability, allowing you to cut down on energy and your utility bills.


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