Trader Joe's Launched a New Summer Candle Inspired by One of Its Drinks

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It's almost impossible to resist the cute home items at Trader Joe's, especially when the retailer releases special seasonal products. Case in point: Trader Joe's just released a brand new summer candle and we want one for every room in our homes.


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On its Instagram, Trader Joe's announced the new Peach Black Tea Candle, which mixes the sweetness of peaches with the tartness of black tea, for $3.99. Fortunately, TJ's also sells a Sparkling Black Tea With Peach Juice Beverage for $3.99, so you can drink and smell this blend at the same exact time. Together, these two items create the ultimate summer vibe.

According to Trader Joe's, the new candle will "transport you to some front porch swing in the shade on a spectacular summer's day." It also features a lead-free cotton wick and a natural soy wax blend that contains no dyes or parabens. The best part? It burns for about 20 hours, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scent this season.


Now, for the bad news. On Instagram, Trader Joe's states that if you want to try the Peach Black Tea Candle for yourself, you should hurry to the store. "Based on past popularity, it's likely the sun might also set on our Peach Black Tea Candle supply before summer's end," the brand writes, hinting that this is a limited-edition product for summertime only.

What other summer items is Trader Joe's selling?

On the TJ's website, we can see that the popular brand is now selling summer products such as spicy mango lemonade, dill pickle mustard, and chile lime mayonnaise. On its Instagram, the grocery chain reveals that it is also offering strawberry and jalapeño crisps, garlic bread cheese (omg!), and key lime kettle popcorn.

Looks like our grocery shopping lists just got a lot longer.


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