Disneyland Brought Back a Cult-Favorite Haunted Mansion Dessert

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Who doesn't love a tasty comeback — especially when it involves a beloved, spooky Disneyland treat? According to @disneyparks on TikTok, the Haunted Mansion Wedding Cake has returned to Disneyland, and we're already drooling.


Video of the Day

Located within Disneyland's French Market, you'll find the treat featuring a white cake, cream cheese filling, sour cherries, buttercream frosting, and a cherry sauce that looks an awful lot like blood. Don't worry — in the reveal video, the @disneyparks TikTok narrator assures us that it's cherry sauce. Not blood. We repeat: Not blood.


According to The Disney Food Blog, this dearly departed beloved cake is only available in person for $7.99 and not via mobile order. The blog also notes that this particular cake is big enough for sharing between a few friends.

How to make the Haunted Mansion Wedding Cake at home:

If you're unable to visit Disneyland in the near future, you can always try making this ghoulish cake at home. All you have to do is make a white layer cake (you could also just buy a box mix) with cream cheese frosting and sour cherries in between each layer. Top the cake off with a simple vanilla buttercream frosting and when you go to serve a slice, add some cherry sauce "blood" drippings (which you can easily take from a can of maraschino cherries).


If you'd rather follow a single recipe, try The Baking Fairy's Red Velvet Marble Cake With Bloody Red Ganache. It's not exactly the same as Disneyland's cake, but it will give you the same eerie effect.

What other new treats are available at Disneyland?

Laughing Place reports that you can now try a pickle corn dog at the Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs Cart in the Downtown Disney District. There, Earl of Sandwich is now selling the Le Frenchy Sandwich, which features brie, mustard sauce, and smoked ham on artisan bread. Yum. Plus, Downtown Disney's Salt & Straw has a new lineup of cereal-inspired ice creams we can't wait to get our hands on.

It's time to plan our next trip to Disneyland.