There's a New Way to Find Black-Owned Brands on Instagram

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If you're often shopping while you spend time on Instagram — how does the feed know us so well? — there's now a way to specifically support Black-owned businesses. Instagram announced today that "businesses based in the U.S. with Shops on Instagram will now be able to designate as Black-owned and display a 'Black-owned' label."


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The label will show up in the profile info you see at the top of IG accounts. And if you go to the "shop" tab (the little shopping bag icon), you can select "Editors' Picks" and see Black-owned beauty brands, designers, and more.

For businesses looking to use the identifier, all that's required is going to "Edit Profile," choosing "Business Diversity Info," and opting in to the label.

You can also visit Instagram's Shop account to see more curated collections, including queer- and women-owned brands.

This week, Instagram is also highlighting brands through partnerships with accounts @alexandrawinbush, @ghettogastro, @blackownedeverything, and @browniepointsforyou.

Here's to turning those impulse buys into more intentional shopping.


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