Mind Blown: Your Ceiling Fan Has a Switch for Different Seasons

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Have you ever seen that tiny switch at the base of your ceiling fan? Well, it has a really helpful purpose we wish we knew about since day one.


According to @stephanieboothrealtor on TikTok, ceiling fans have the ability to spin in two directions: clockwise and counterclockwise. When your ceiling fan spins counterclockwise, it blows air down on you, making it perfect for the spring and summer seasons. As for clockwise, it blows air up, helping distribute heat throughout your home during the fall and winter.

In the video, @stephanieboothrealtor demonstrates the changing air flow using a piece of toilet paper:

Though it might depend on your ceiling manufacturer, @stephanieboothrealtor says that when the switch is up, it's in winter mode. For summer mode, simply push the switch down.

This summer season just got a lot cooler, now that we know how to hack our ceiling fans.


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