Creamy 'Lemonade' Is This Summer's Must-Try Drink

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You've heard of the TikTok-famous whipped lemonade, but what about creamy lemonade? That's right — this summer, it's all about the lemonade and we are ​here for it​.


Video of the Day

We first discovered the treasure that is creamy lemonade on TikTok user @hayzeegirldesigns's channel, but soon realized that this recipe is actually inspired by Brazilian lemonade. Also known as limonada suíça (or Swiss lemonade), Eat2explore reports that the drink is typically made with limes and relies on sweetened condensed milk for — you guessed it — sweetness.


According to Olivia's Cuisine, Brazilian lemonade is made with four limes, four cups of cold water, one can of sweetened condensed milk, and ice to taste. Of course, you can also replace the limes with lemons. "The real Brazilian lemonade will take a whole can of sweet condensed milk," Olivia writes, saying that it's necessary to balance out the bitterness of the lime.

For the entire Brazilian lemonade recipe courtesy of Olivia's Cuisine, click here.

We can't wait to give this recipe a try. It would be perfect as a special treat on an especially hot summer day.