The One Oven Door Hack You Need to Know Before Cleaning Your Kitchen

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It's no secret that we're big fans of cleaning. But when it comes to certain parts of the home, our love admittedly tends to waver. This is especially true for the oven, which can be tricky to clean thanks to the oven door. Think about it: Have you ever been able to comfortably bend over the door ​and​ reach the inside corners with ease? Probably not.


Video of the Day

Luckily, there's a hack for that. In a viral video posted by TikTok user @royamohammed04, they show us how to remove the oven door. As it turns out, at the bottom of the door, there's a latch in each corner. The latches are attached to the hinges that allow the door to open and close. Once you flip the latches, the oven door can be removed from the actual oven. Magic.

From there, you can easily remove the heating elements (safety first!) and access every nook and cranny. The hack also allows you to effortlessly clean the glass panels, which are easier to handle when they're not on the oven. While you're at it, consider placing the door on a towel-lined table as you clean it. This is considerably safer than cleaning the door on, say, the floor or a cluttered countertop.


Now, to put the door back on, you might need an extra pair of hands. Some users commented on the video sharing that another person had to hold the door as they latched it back in place. That said, if your oven is due for a deep clean, don't forget to round up your roommate/partner/relative before removing the oven door.

Happy cleaning!


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