This Wax Trick Will Make Your Car Smell Amazing on Hot Days

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Making your car smell good can be quite the challenge. Whether it's sitting in a stuffy garage or outdoors in all types of weather, a car can easily take on a musty, stale smell. Normally, you'd use a car freshener to fix this problem, but we just discovered a better trick that allows for more scent diversity.


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On In The Know and TikTok, we learned that you can use wax melts to make your car smell amazing. According to @micah.griffin, all you need is a set of wax melts (they use the Better Homes & Gardens brand) and a shaker jar that has holes on top — both of which can be picked up at Walmart.

Once you have your supplies, simply break off a few pieces of wax melt and place them inside your jar. Then, put your jar in your car's cupholder, where the sunlight will melt the wax, causing the wax scent to disperse throughout your car interior.


Now, of course, this hack will only work if it's hot enough outside and if the wax has enough time to melt in the sunlight. According to Blaizen Candles, wax melts between 99 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Inside a car, the temperature can get between 130 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot day, making it possible for the wax to melt (if you leave your car outside long enough).


In addition to wax melts, TikTok commenters mentioned that they also use scent beads. So really, the possibilities are endless — and you'll never have to worry about smelling a boring car freshener ever again.


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