This Household Hand Dryer Will Curb Your Reliance on Paper Towels

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When it comes to the kitchen (and the home in general), paper towels are undeniably convenient. The only problem? The production of paper towels contributes to deforestation, or the cutting of entire forests. And while towels and washcloths are more eco-friendly alternatives, these options can harbor a lot of harmful bacteria. Gross.


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Enter Nyuair, a compact hand dryer that's designed for the home. Available exclusively on Kickstarter, Nyuair dries your hands in just 13 seconds sans paper products and germy towels. It's also 100% touchless, making the entire process even more hygienic.

But how does it work, exactly? According to the Kickstarter page, Nyuair delivers clean air through a special air-duct system and washable high-density filter. It also takes in up to 4.5 gallons of air per second and releases airflow via a powerful high-speed motor. The device is even self-cleaning thanks to a built-in UV light.


What's more, its design is sleek and simple, making it an attractive piece for your kitchen or bathroom. You can even add a magnetic decorative panel, which the Nyuair team offers as an add-on. Finally, the gadget is designed to be mounted with liquid nails, making installation a breeze (get it?). There's also the option of adding a stand, which can be placed on a desk or table.

Prices range from $109 to $149, depending on the pledge package. If you back the project now, you can expect to receive your Nyuair in September 2021. Check out the Nyuair Kickstarter page here.