This Beach Hack Prevents Sand From Getting All Over EVERYTHING

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The beach is a beautiful, magical place — except for when sand gets everywhere you can possibly imagine. However, this may no longer be a concern thanks to a trick we learned from @rrrachelaustinnn on TikTok.


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With a fitted sheet, four sizable items, and a bucket, you can easily create a sand-free beach setup. Simply place your four items on each inside corner of a fitted sheet, making sure that the sheet is pulled up and stretched to create a wall. Place your towels and beach accessories in the center of the sheet.

Once your fitted sheet it set up, take your bucket and fill it with water. Place the bucket next to your sheet structure. Then, when you're done spending time on the sand and in the water, clean your feet off in the bucket and step directly into the fitted sheet zone. That way sand won't get all over your goods.


You could even create a separate area for your child, in case they forget to clean off their feet.


We love how accessible this hack is because you likely have all these items at home. And just think of how beautiful it will be to leave the beach and not have grains of sand on every inch of your belongings.

Can you guess where we'll be this weekend?


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