This Woman Created a Stained Glass Fence With Marbles

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It can be tough to add a bit of personality to a plain fence, especially if you don't want to overdo it. However, on TikTok, @skyandforestherbs showed us that this endeavor is entirely possible.


Video of the Day

Using marbles, a drill bit slightly bigger than the marbles, a drill, a strong glue (she uses this one), an old pencil, and a bunch of colorful marbles, @skyandforestherbs completely transforms her fence. She starts by drilling into the wood and then filling the holes with glue, using an old pencil to smooth the glue out. Next, she places a marble in the hole and leaves it to dry in place with the glue. That's it!


We love how this technique makes a simple wood fence look as though it has dots of stained glass. The fact that it only requires a handful of materials is also a bonus.

The only other thing we want to note is that if you share your fence with a neighbor, make sure you get their approval before starting this project. But really, how could they refuse a fence as pretty as this one?!