This IKEA Wall Decor Is Actually a WiFi Speaker

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IKEA's selection of tech-forward items is growing. The Swedish retailer has announced that on July 15, it will be launching a new product that combines chic design with high-quality sound. The brand accidentally hinted at the release earlier this month, but now the news is official.


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The Symfonisk picture frame WiFi speaker merges IKEA's knack for design with the sound expertise of Sonos. Previous Symfonisk products include speakers that fit in your bookshelf as well as a lamp with a base that projects sound. So the collaboration has always been about how to seamlessly bring sound tech into your space — without ruining your aesthetic.

"The space-saving picture frame speaker can hang on its own on the wall as an eye-catching art piece, be matched with other art on the wall, be placed on a shelf or on the floor, leaning against the wall. The interchangeable fronts make it easy to choose a style that suits your individual home," Stjepan Begic, Product Developer at IKEA of Sweden, said in a press release.


The speaker will come with a few options for panels. A black and white design by artist Jennifer Idrizi, for example, was inspired by "cymatics — the study of visual sound vibrations." So far, there are three other panel designs that have been shared: a minimal white design, a colorful paint splatter look, and a record player illustration.

Mark your calendar for the release date; the speaker will be available in IKEA stores and on in Europe and North America.


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