This New Hotel on Versailles's Grounds Is a Dream

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Today in "places we're dreaming of visiting if we win the lottery one day," we're having a hard time getting over the idea of staying at Versailles.


Yes, you read that correctly. The Château de Versailles Le Grand Contrôle, part of the Arielles group of hotels, is a new establishment that lets you stay on the grounds of the historic destination. Officially opened on June 1, the hotel is basically the height of luxury. Guests can "discover all the secrets of the Château de Versailles during a historical interlude and enjoy a gastronomic moment in the restaurant by Chef Alain Ducasse," as a recent Instagram post explains.


Those who reserve a stay get to enjoy a number of perks, including a private tour of Domaine de Trianon — which Louis XIV dreamt up for his own personal use. Guests also have a private butler to help with any needs. Each room option comes with info on who stayed there. For starters, you can sleep in the same two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite that once accommodated novelist and philosopher Madame de Staël stayed — and where queen Marie Antoinette lived at one point, too.

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Naturally, the stays here aren't cheap. Rates start around $2,000 per night and for the spacious residence mentioned above, the price tag is around $11,000.

In the meantime, we're happy pinning these gorgeous images to our travel boards for dream trips.

h/t Architectural Digest