This Is the One Home Office Item You Need to Clean Right Now

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Since the start of the pandemic, many have been able to work from home, which has given us the chance to curate fresh home offices and workspaces. Though you likely clean these spaces on a regular basis, you might not be cleansing every single item on your desk as often as you should be. A new study will likely inspire you to do so.


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According to a recent report by Cinch Home Services, your computer mouse is likely the dirtiest object in your home office. The company found that, on average, this device has 4,000,000 CFUs (colony-forming units) for every ten square inches. In other words, your mouse contains 3,448 times more bacteria than a bathroom faucet handle, five times more bacteria than a kitchen sink, and 42 times more bacteria than a dog bowl (A DOG BOWL!).


Of course, not all bacteria is harmful, but Cinch Home Services did find concerning gram-negative rods in several samples. This bacteria includes E. coli and cholera, and can cause antibiotic resistance.

Other items you'll want to wipe down include your headset (2,481,250 CFUs), monitor (2,000,000 CFUs), keyboard (1,687,500 CFUs), and desk (6,500 CFUs). This is especially worrisome because nine out of ten remote workers eat at least one meal at their desks every day.

Now might be a good time to wipe down everything on your workspace with a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol. While you're at it, you'll also want to give these everyday items and surfaces a scrub down.