This Is Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Disney World

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Let's revisit the last time you were at Disney World. You were on Florida swampland, but were you bitten by a single mosquito? The answer is probably no and there's a surprising reason why that is.


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According to TikTok user @idea.soup, there are no mosquitoes at Disney World because the company has a "Mosquito Surveillance Program." This was created so that mosquitoes wouldn't ruin guests' experiences at the theme park.

"They spray 86 miles with insecticide twice a day," reads the @idea.soup video. "They even have 'sentinel chickens,' whose blood they test for mosquito-borne illnesses." In The Know reports that, allegedly, Disney World studies these chickens, who are kept across the park, to find out if there are mosquito issues in a certain area of Disney World. Then, the company takes steps to solve that problem.


A YouTube video shared by In The Know also states that the Mosquito Surveillance Program uses carbon dioxide traps to catch mosquitoes. They freeze the trapped insects and study them in a lab so they can find out more about the local population and how to get rid of it.


On an FAQ page, Disney World even confirms that it has this program by stating, "We have an extensive mosquito prevention and monitoring program across property."

So next time you're at Disney World and you see zero mosquitoes buzzing around, you'll know why.


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