The Color Swatch That Matches Your Zodiac Sign, According to Adobe

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Sometimes there are just too many colors to choose from — whether you want to make over a room, or even just change your phone background.


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But maybe your zodiac can help. Adobe recently shared a chart of zodiac signs as color swatches, created by Berlin Michelle. Each one is matched to a creative swatch — but these aren't your basic colors. Leo, for example, is royal fuschia; the swatch features a large, flashy ring drawn in the hue.

Here's the breakdown of each color pairing.

  • Virgo: Green Goddess
  • Taurus: Forest Fern
  • Cancer: Seagreen Scarab
  • Libra: Blue Morpho
  • Aquarius: Moon Indigo
  • Pisces: Vivid Amethyst
  • Leo: Royal Fuschia
  • Aries: Hot Pink
  • Capricorn: Golden Key
  • Gemini: Mustard Momento
  • Sagittarius: Amber Artifact
  • Scorpio: Scarlet Seal

The whimsical chart is perfect for grabbing some inspiration if you're feeling stuck. Here's to a bold dose of color!


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