Zillow Says This Moving Trend Was Significant in 2020

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While people are getting vaccinated and cities are opening up more and more, there's still a lot to learn from the pandemic. Namely, how our habits changed when it comes to where we live.


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Zillow recently released a report looking at where people have been headed during the pandemic — and other major trends during what has become known as the Great Reshuffling. The experts at Zillow used data from North American Moving Services to pinpoint some significant numbers. The biggest result: People who moved to another state in 2020 relocated "to areas with homes that were, on average, both larger and less-pricey than in the areas they moved from."


Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco were the markets with the largest average of people moving out, according to Zillow. The areas with the most new arrivals were Phoenix, Charlotte, Austin, Dallas, and Sarasota.

There have been other reports pinpointing what types of groups moved (such as couples) and whether people were happy with their decision. Moving is always a major decision, but it felt even more intense during the pandemic — and we expect more research to be revealed about how it's affecting markets in the near future.