This Boozy Otter Pop Hack Is a Summer Must

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Otters Pops (also known as freezer pops) are delightful on their own, but we just discovered how to give them a boozy upgrade.


Video of the Day

On TikTok, user @victooriaooliver_ demonstrates how you can unseal an Otter Pop, add your alcohol of choice, and seal the pop back up. Simply open a melted Otter Pop with a pair of scissors, pour out some of the liquid, add alcohol (in the video, they add vodka), pour the remaining Otter Pop liquid (or whatever you can fit) back in into the packaging, and carefully seal the top with a hair straightener.


You could also add candy like they do in the video, or go with frozen fruit. And just think of all the different drink combinations you could try! You could even use this same method with Capri Suns.

The possibilities are truly endless with this summertime drink hack.