TikTok Users Are Super Into This Clever Product for Outlets

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You can easily get carried away throwing things into your shopping cart online, but thankfully lots of people on TikTok are more than happy to curate some of the best finds. Take for instance, this video with almost a million views that shows off a practical and clever find.


Video of the Day

User @toponlinefinds shows how a simple side access outlet adapter can make a huge difference. "You know when your outlets are behind a dresser, nightstand, or TV stand, and it's nearly impossible to plug anything in ... and then your cords get all bent?" @toponlinefinds says in the video. Yes, yes we do.

It's so satisfying to watch how an outlet becomes much easier to reach with the six-outlet adapter. Then, you can plug things into the side easily, as @toponlinefinds shows.

Plus, you can find adapters like this for less than $7. There are also variations, like a smaller one that comes in black — you can get a five pack for less than $15. Here's to making the most of tricky spaces!