This Hack Makes Storing a Block of Cheese Hilariously Easy

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Cooking and baking in the kitchen can be a fun, relaxing activity. We wish we could say the same about prepping and cleaning up after a recipe. Especially when it comes to storing certain ingredients, we often find ourselves frustrated and at a loss — such is the case when it comes to storing a pre-wrapped block of cheese.


Once you're done grating a portion of your cheese block, how are you supposed to store the rest of it? Do you enclose it in plastic wrap? Store it in a large reusable bag? According to TikTok user @josxmac, it's much easier than that.

When you go to use your new block of cheese, cut it with a knife and don't discard the packaging that gets cut off. Then, use your cheese as you intended and when you're done, simply cover it back up with the wrapping you previously cut. To make it even more secure, you could also tie a rubber band around it.

We're going to consider this one kitchen conundrum solved. Now, who wants some nachos?


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